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Rodac Engineering Limited

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About Us

Our Objective

Our objective is to provide our clients with result-oriented designs, architecture, and construction services that allow our clients to get value for money.

Our Mission

Rodac engineering makes available our expert judgment, workmanship, and an array of tools to deliver good architecture and construction results within budget for our clients.

Our Approach

Our highly skilled team are experts in the field of engineering. We focus on working with our clients to progressively couple their desires, budget, and a realist value-adding scope of work together. This approach allows us to tailor our services, solutions and plans to the client's project background.

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Our Clients

Our Services

Design and Architecture Services

Feature 1

Rodac Engineering architectural team has experience spanning both domestic and industrial facilities. With our unique portfolio of engineering expertise, we work with our clients to provide diverse designs that are balanced in terms of the use of space, impact positively on the quality of life of its users, economically rewarding to owners, and durable. Also, we provide bills of quantities, structural engineering, detailed drawing, and certification of drawing by an architect in good standing.

Construction and Project Management Services

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Our construction services allow us to work under the supervision of our clients or as subcontractors. On the other hand, our project management services enable us to take full control of a project and work to deliver on all the agreed-on scopes of works. Our experience cover:


  • Building works
  • Warehousing
  • Drainage works

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Construction materials and consumables

Feature 3

Our clients invest in facilities that are capital intensive, hence facilities that can stand the test of time should be guaranteed. These facilities include homes, offices, warehouses, factories, schools, and other social amenities. The quality of construction materials and consumables are a great determiner of the useful life span of a facility. Rodac engineering works to produce and also source quality third party’s construction materials and consumables such as sandcrete blocks, pavement block, sand and stone, electric cables and accessories, plumbing, and other materials.

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Rodac plant pool services

Feature 2

Rodac Engineering Limited has progressively acquired a series of construction equipment that it uses for its jobs. It also harnesses the spare capacity of the company's machines by renting them. Some of the available machines include:


  • Tipper trucks
  • Excavators
  • Backhoes
  • Concrete mixers
  • Pickup trucks

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The engineers at Rodac will be glad to assist you in your desire to construct your facilities from the design phase to the landscaping phase. Working with us certainly reduces your chance of making errors in your construction works, which will save you time and money.